We are absolutely committed to making the day a happier and more active experience for your pet. There are both sitting and walking services available in the Alexandria VA area - please e-mail for more detailed service plans such as medical needs, trips to the vet, or even the groomer!  

Vacation and Overnight visits can be accommodated for on a limited basis. Please ask well ahead of time to see if there is an opening for all of your vacationing needs. 

All active military get a 10% discount on services.

Monthly Mid-Days and Other Services

All mid-days are held between the hours of 10am -4pm. With respect to allowing your sitter at least 1 hour leeway each way from the time that you ask for a walk. e.g. If you would like a walk at 1pm, please understand, and allow for that walk to occur between 12pm-2pm in order to allow for traffic, possible emergencies or any other situation that would cause your sitter to be a bit early, or a bit late.

15 Minutes up to 2 pets - $14.99 | 3+ pets - $16.99

20 Minutes up to 2 pets - $17.99 | 3+ pets -$19.99

30 Minutes up to 2 pets - $19.99 | 3+ pets - $21.99

45 Minutes up to 2 pets - $25.99 | 3+ pets - $27.99

Puppy Potty Training 

Potty training visits will usually require 2-3 fifteen minute visits per day, depending on your comfort level and the puppy's need to be let out. Pricing for these visits depends on the level of service needed.

Three ten minute visits per day $30

Two ten minute visits per day $20


We are now offering overnights on a limited basis at $75 per overnight.

This would entail your sitter getting to your house anywhere between 6-9pm, providing walks, feeding and playtime for your beloved companions until 7-9am the next morning. A full 12 hours of fun, play and companionship in your home!

For dogs a 20 minute mid-day walk is included the next day.

Pet Taxi 

Please call well in advance for this as there's limited space and time available!

$20 per hour

Initial Consultation Fee 

   FREE for first time clients, $20 for any additional needed meetings up to an hour.

Last Minute Reservations and Cancellations

We all know that things happen!  

Visits scheduled with less than 48 hours notice incur an additional one time fee as we must adjust our schedules to accommodate.

If you cancel mid-day walks before 10am, there is no fee. Any walks canceled after 10am will still incur the full days fee.

If you cancel vacation visits with less then 48 hours notice there is a $25 cancellation fee.

If you reserve a vacation, mid-day or any service with less then 48 hours notice there is a $25 last minute fee.

For Overnights. If you cancel with less then two weeks notice and your total amount is more then $300, there is a 50% fee of the total amount that would have been your bill. This is to compensate for the time that your sitter has already set aside for you and turned away other clients.

Holiday Surcharge

Tails to Scales Pet Care LLC, takes off all Federal holidays - No Mid-day walks will be scheduled on those days unless specified by the client that one is needed. Please let us know ahead of time that you will need one, so that your best friend isn't left at home without one!

We have a one time surcharge to any jobs scheduled within the following holiday periods (consisting of three days before and three days after all Federal Holidays). This surcharge does not apply to regular mid-day client visits for mid-day visits that may be needed on that day due to not everyone getting every Federal Holiday off.

$25 one time fee for the following holidays.

  New Year's Day

  Memorial Day Weekend 

  July 4th Weekend 

  Labor Day Weekend 

  Veterans Day Weekend 

  Thanksgiving Holiday

  Christmas Holiday  

*Walks are NOT based on a use it or lose it plan, if you don't need a walk, you don't pay for that day. See fee's on same day cancellations.
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