Karen Understanding the need for regular daytime pet care, Karen founded the company in 2007, after having worked for other pet sitting companies for several years.  Having worked many office jobs herself, she knew the worry of leaving her dogs, Winnie and Rocco, at home while at work.  Her husband worked longer 12 hour days with his commute and there was literally 'no time' during the day.  Seeing the need and hearing others complain of the same thing, she decided that she would quit her 8-5 habit and form another much healthier one with pets as the 'vice'.

Karen has over 16+ years of experience working with dogs and other animals in both training (horses and dogs), and medical (helping her with goats, horses, and all sorts of fowl on her parents farm, as well as being in the nursing field for many years).  

She enjoys all animals, but tends to gravitate more towards large breed, guardian breed, and more aggressive breed dogs having the experience and know how to work with them (Please note that she is not a professional trainer, however is more then happy to help and recommend if there are issues that do need a professional's expertise). 

Our Sitters

Michelle - Born and raised in the DC area, Michelle has been a life long animal lover.  Growing up with dogs, cats, fish and birds, she had wanted to become a vet until one day she found she just couldn't stomach the thought (or smell!) of having to dissect a frog in biology.  Deciding instead to stick to caring for live ones in her home and those homes of others.  Her parents were gracious enough to allow her to bring home strays - so she had a menagerie to take care of and enjoyed every bit of it!  Being the one in the family that was good with animals, she was constantly being asked to care for family members pets, giving her quite a range of experience.  Having worked for nearly twenty years in the guest services industry she decided it was time to leave and work with what she really loved, animals and those people that loved them as much as she did.  She's been with Tails To Scales for nearly six years now and doesn't plan on leaving any time soon!

Sara - 

Mindy - I've been working with dogs/cats for a few years now and love spending time with them. I have always been an animal lover growing up and have had many pets. Fish, hamsters, dogs, cats and even a ferret! I will always go the extra mile to help any animal in need and will always treat any pet as my own. I believe it's important to make each and every pet feel comfortable and secure. 

Marakat - 

Gina - 

*All of our walkers have a background check and training before they are 'let loose' to have fun with their doggie friends for day to day walks and vacation visits.  They are insured and bonded through the company for all visits.

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