"Karen is one of the few people that we'll trust with our animals -- especially since our elderly dog has so many special needs. Karen is unfailingly responsible and punctual and she cares about our dog and cat almost as much as we do. She's amazing and we recommend her highly." 

Tanya & Rex - Alexandria, VA

Left: Samahdi being mischievous!  Top: Nikaya looking regal and lovely as ever.
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Karen is the absolute BEST!  We have two older pets -- Morgan, a mix breed dog -- and Kelly, a domestic short hair cat.  They both love Karen.  And we know that we can rely on Karen to provide great care.  Morgan gets the walks, but Kelly get's more than her fair share of attention, too.  It's wonderful to know that while I may not get "out" of the office on any given afternoon, ol' Morgan does! 

Steven Gray - Alexandria, VA
Left: Kelly checking out her Christmas presents!
Top: Morgan keeping watch in his yard, gotta make sure everything keeps sniff worthy!
“I have two cats – one of whom gets quite nervous around new people.  Karen must have the magic touch though because Murphy warmed right up to her.  She is so wonderful and I can be at ease when I travel because I know Murphy and Bailey will be well cared for and have lots of fun playing with Karen.  I highly recommend Tails to Scales!” 

K. Kinirons - Alexandria, VA
Left: Murphy being QC for sunbeams - gotta make sure they're nap worthy!
Top: Bailey being silly as always - what a snuggle bug!
My beagle Jake and I are both members of the Tails to Scales fan club.  For me, it is a major relief to know that a trusted dog lover is checking on my boy every afternoon and giving him some fun and exercise.  For Jake, he loves the mid-day outing and getting a treat or two and a belly rub.  Karen is  extremely reliable on very short notice if something comes up and I have to work late or I’m away all day on a Saturday.  The most important thing is Jake loves her and looks forward to her visits every day.  Thanks Karen!

M. Bowers - Alexandria , VA
Jake enjoying himself after a long walk - quite the character!  Gotta love those ears!
Karen has been simply fabulous for our two mixed breeds.  They love her.  Every day we would get a little report card, and when we got home for work, it was a highlight to the day to see what they did.  She also is a very caring pet owner, as there were times when she would call me during the day to alert me about something with one of our dogs.  We appreciate the time and attention she give to them!

Doting Parents of Two happy dogs! - Alexandria, VA
If you are looking for someone to care for your pet, you won’t find anyone better than Karen. She is extremely knowledgeable about the animals she cares for, and completely trustworthy as a care provider.  But most importantly, she genuinely loves the animals she cares for; and they love being with her.  Our Westie eagerly looks forward to Karen’s visits.  
Karen goes far beyond the typical pet care provider.  
She not only helped to train our puppy, she also provided 
valuable advice and support that helped make us better 
pet owners.  We are absolutely delighted with Karen’s 
services, and we strongly recommend Karen to any pet 
owner looking for a world-class pet care provider.

Cherie Fitzgerald & Dana Roberts - Alexandria, VA
A very tuckered out Rabbie from playing lots of ball!

How cute is that face!!

We have two cats who we love dearly (as all pet owners who have pets do!) :) and Karen was instrumental in providing us with pet care for our busy working schedules.  They were even able to accommodate our special needs for one of our cats, who goes outside on a sort of 'hybrid' schedule (he's not really an indoor cat, but not really outdoor either).  Tails to Scales went above and beyond in caring for our cats, over and above just cleaning litter and feeding.  Our cats our like our kids, and we only wanted the best for them, which we found with Tails to Scales.

Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality, dependable and super friendly pet care services for your pet family members (!!!)  You will not be disappointed!

Happy cat owner in Alexandria!
I've used Tails to Scales ever since adopting my retired racing greyhound, Grover, almost 2 years ago.  Both Karen and Michelle are incredibly reliable, loving and concerned over Grover's well being.  He loves them both!  If there's even a small concern over an issue they observe, they are quick to email me - (usually it's nothing serious) - but it's really nice to have that assurance.  Very, very highly recommended!

- Ralph G.
Michelle at Tails to Scales is a veritable life saver! My husband and I have a 1 ½ year old female Belgian malinois named Piper. She is a rescue from Puerto Rico, and we adopted her when she was 4 months old. She is a terrific dog, very smart and sweet and incredibly active, but she has severe separation anxiety.  Previously we had kenneled her on a farm in WVA when we had to go out of town a few times. PipDouble click here to add text.Michelle at Tails to Scales is a veritable life saver! My husband and I have a 1 ½ year old female Belgian malinois named Piper. She is a rescue from Puerto Rico, and we adopted her when she was 4 months old. She is a terrific dog, very smart and sweet and incredibly active, buer experienced separation anxiety each time, but we and the folks at the kennel thought she would eventually get used to being there and would calm down with time. Well, the last time we left her at the kennel, they told us that her separation anxiety actually got worse over the course of our absence, and they said they would not be able to kennel her in the future. We were devastated. We feared that we would become prisoners to the dog. And then we discovered Tails to Scales! Michelle came and stayed at our house while we were away for a long weekend, and everything worked out great! Michelle was super with Piper, and Piper loved Michelle! I don’t know what we would do without Tails to Scales. We are still hopeful that Piper will outgrow her separation anxiety; but until she does, it is nice to know we can count on Tails to Scales!

Ellie from Alexandria, VA
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